Single Phase UPS Systems

In addition to our Three Phase UPS Products, we offer competitively priced single phase UPS systems ranging from 500VA to 10kVA. We sell, service and install several quality brands of single phase UPS units including, but not limited to: Xtreme Power Conversion, Liebert GXT, and APC SmartUPS. In addition, we offer all relative hardware accessories including network connectivity SNMP devices, rack mounting, step-down transformers, Power Distribution, Power Output Distribution, Maintenance bypass and more.

Xtreme Power Single Phase UPS Systems

At US Power, Inc. we lead with our line of Xtreme Power Conversion single phase UPS systems for several reasons. The XPC line comes with 3 year electronic and batteries warranties on nearly every type of UPS including most line interactive and all True Online Double conversion units. In addition, XPC units are reliable and very affordable.

We implement a lot of Xtreme Power Conversion units in IDF closets for VoIP phone systems. These units are generally installed to back up a small rack of servers or PoE switches. The XPC line of UPS systems is a perfect fit for any budget and in any vertical market including: Healthcare, Biotechnology, Entertainment, Technology, manufacturing, government, education and more.

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We Sell, Service and Install all of the major Single Phase UPS System Brands including, but not limited to the following:

Liebert GXT UPS Systems


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