Load Bank Testing & Power Quality Surveying

Ensure that your UPS battery backup system or critical power system is performing to the manufacturer's specifications with the load bank testing and power quality surveys that we offer here at US Power, Inc.

Specialized Load Bank Testing & Power Quality Surveys

Our Specialized Load Bank Testing services are designed to efficiently and effectively test your critical power systems in real-life power outage scenarios in order to ensure that your critical power systems are capable of supporting your network’s electrical load during the unfortunate event of a power outage. Our expert Load Bank Testing technicians will perform a test on your system in a non-intrusive manner and generate a detailed report for your review.

In addition to our Specialized Load Bank Testing Service, we offer Power Quality Surveys that provide you with a comprehensive site analysis of your critical power infrastructure. Identify problem areas or potential problem areas with a comprehensive and detailed Power Quality Survey report from US Power, Inc.

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